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Addiction Intervention

Helping addicts to receive the best possible treatment, and families to rebuild their lives.

Addiction is a destructive path

For families coping with a loved one's addiction, it can be a lonely and confusing time. Addictions erode trust and tests relationships to the limit. As a result, people close to an addict often become swept into vicious circles of enabling and conflict-driven behaviours. Convincing a loved one to seek help might feel impossible. Perhaps you've tried to intervene and found the experience challenging and disappointing.

This is where the role of the addiction interventionist comes in. The most significant inventions will help the addict seek and receive treatment, and help the family rebuild their lives and their relationships.

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When to seek the help of an interventionist

The family of an addict pays a heavy price. The addiction literally hijacks everybody's lives, bringing chaos and uncertainty into the household. Some of the typical behaviours of addicts include dishonesty, criminal activities such as theft, and failing to honour promises.

Relationships dominated by addiction are volatile - especially where a family member tries to intervene. This can unwittingly lead family members into enabling behaviours - perhaps lending money to prevent theft, even though they know that the money is going to be spent on drugs.

While the most effective interventions usually begin within the family itself, the unhealthy roles created by the addiction force relationships to breaking point. If this sounds familiar, you likely need external, professional intervention.

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What does an interventionist do?

Addiction is more complicated than just a dependency on a substance. Underlying conditions and repressed emotional pain often stimulates the individual's need for escape; towards something that provides complete (yet temporary) relief.

Addiction treatment is only effective if there's buy-in from the addict. A professional intervention helps to place responsibility where it belongs. Families often feel that it's their responsibility to encourage the addict to seek help, but it's actually the substance user who needs to learn to become accountable for their addiction.

Sometimes a drug and alcohol interventionist focuses on helping the addict to seek help - either in rehab or with a programme of treatment. Other times, an interventionist will assist the family in preparing and staging an intervention together; helping them understand what to do (as well as not to do) once their loved one has been treated.

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Our Intervention Practice

Our interventionist service provides an opportunity for the personalities of the entire family to come together and draw their focus into a single solution that works for everyone. We will help you:

  • Arrange the intervention - identifying who should be there, where and when it should take place, and what each person’s role should be.
  • Understand the treatment options; aligning the options with the needs of the individual
  • Make arrangements if your loved one is going into rehab (if that’s the route they choose)

We understand the burden that's placed upon the family in these situations. We're here to help everyone to transition to a healthier footing so that you can move forward together as a family.

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Speak to us confidentially. We're trained to deal with these situations and can help you prepare for the intervention that can help put your fractured family back together again.

You can reach us by phone on 07490 037233 at any time, or contact us by email to discuss any questions you might have about our Addiction Intervention Service.

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