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Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Counselling for addictions, eating disorders & compulsive behaviour
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Our Bespoke Therapy Services

Reaching out for support may be more challenging if you have a demanding, high profile career. Your status, your profile and your busy schedule requires a discrete, flexible and bespoke service to provide support that fits around your life, and your specific needs.

We provide complete anonymity, two decades of experience of working with high profile international clients, and the expertise necessary to provide the tailored support you require.

The Benefits Of Our Bespoke Service

Many of the clients seeking help at the Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group live very individual lifestyles and face issues in scheduling appointments to see our psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches.

For these individuals - often with careers as highly successful models, actors and actresses, leaders in business and finance and those who travel for work or pleasure - attending regular office sessions can be a challenge.

To assist these clients, Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group offers the option for truly bespoke services. This means several things for our clients, including the ability to live their life without having to curtail travel or work to be at our offices during business hours.

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The Issues

We recognise that being in a position of public scrutiny, influence, and leadership is incredibly stressful. We also understand the pressure our clients in these positions are under and how it is difficult to find a safe, confidential and professional psychotherapist or counsellor to address those issues - and to work around their busy schedule.

Our experience in working with this elite group of clients has led us to develop our bespoke program. With this type of service we, as the professionals, are able to accommodate your busy schedule and travel while also providing full anonymity and privacy.

Travel and Meetings

For the clients in our bespoke program, we offer a wide range of different options to arrange meetings at your convenience. Our professionals are able to travel to work with clients, and we can discuss the specifics of this type of arrangements with you personally should this be an option you wish to consider.

Additionally we also offer the option to meet at your office, or at a neutral location that is mutually agreeable. We find that hotels are a very private and comfortable place to meet for sessions, and we can make recommendations for locations or work with your staff.

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Skype Meetings

Recently we have become one of the few groups of professionals offering Skype sessions for our clients. We offer this to our international clients, those living abroad, or those who are required to travel for business.

By logging on to the secure Skype system, we can complete your session from the privacy of your hotel room or the office you may be working out of, regardless of where you are in the world.

Philippe Jacquet and the Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group will work with you to create a bespoke program that meets your needs. We are able to offer flexible scheduling and a range of different meeting options to accommodate even the busiest of professional schedules.

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Carl Gustav Jung

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