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An Integrated Approach to Individual Situations

Treatment programmes using a range of techniques, to address the needs of the individual client

The Importance Of The Integrated Approach

There is no one universal approach to the treatment of addictions and eating disorders. What works for one individual will have limited impact on another, even when on the surface the situations and the addictions may seem to be mirror images of each other.

The goal of all treatment through the Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists group is not to try to fit clients into treatment programs, but rather to create a treatment program that is uniquely designed to address the needs of the individual client. Here there is no ‘one size fits all’ process; rather we see every client who reaches out for help has having his or her own differences that must be addressed through our combination of psychotherapy, counselling and coaching.

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The Difference

With our approach to treatment, we look at the whole being. We do not just look at behaviours, or symptoms, or signs, but we consider how those issues impact the entire person.

For example, many people with addictions and eating disorders also struggle with depression or anxiety. By working with our clients to also address those issues and helping them to learn effective coping strategies for those concurrent issues, we develop a more comprehensive and complete treatment plan that will bring about the desired changes and help to maintain optimal mental health moving forward.

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”
Carl Gustav Jung

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As an essential part of recovery, understanding how our thoughts and beliefs influence our current behaviour is critical. In any person, the subconscious can hold truths about how we think and feel that impact the daily lives of people struggling with addiction and eating disorders.

With the use of different psychotherapy techniques carefully selected for the individual, the therapist assists the client in learning these hidden realities. This can include a variety of treatment options for examining dreams and thoughts to see how emotions such as anger, sadness, hopelessness and emptiness may be a part of our innermost view of self.

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Counselling is typically a shorter term treatment option that focuses more on the current issues that a client is facing in his or her life. These can be issues with addictions, eating disorders, relationship problems or struggles with depression, anxiety or trauma.

Counselling, like psychotherapy, takes a holistic look at the individual and integrates different treatment modes that are carefully selected to match the needs of the client.

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An additional service that Mr. Jacquet is able to offer clients is coaching. This is very different to either psychotherapy or counselling, as the coach works with the client to develop effective strategies and plans for continuing personal growth and development.

Coaching, unlike integrated therapeutic or counselling services, focuses on the present and the future. It is often a long-term professional relationship, with the coach and client speaking according to a mutually agreed schedule to assist in setting and achieving personal goals.

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Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists are able to provide clients with a fully integrated approach to addressing addiction recovery and eating disorders. This includes utilizing psychotherapy, counselling and coaching in a plan designed and personalised for each individual.

To fnd out more call us on 07490 037233 at any time, or contact us by email to discuss any questions you might have about addiction recovery therapy.

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