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Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Counselling for addictions, eating disorders & compulsive behaviour
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Find Lasting Success in Losing Weight

Our Support Programmes offer effective, personalised emotional, diet and nutritional advice

Providing Support For Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss is often one of the most complex issues for people of all cultures, ages and groups to try and address in a healthy way. This is not due to a lack of incentive or willpower to lose weight and stay on a diet, but because of the emotional link we have with the foods we eat.

Most people will find that with even highly successful traditional types of diets that limit carbohydrates, calories and fats, restrictive eating cannot continue indefinitely. Once you are off the diet, the pounds just slowly start to creep back on.

In fact, many people who have been successful in losing their weight in the past have found that not only has the weight returned when they’ve stopped dieting, but they have actually gained over the process. This is partly because a restrictive diet itself is not sustainable, as well as issues with two very different types of hunger.

The specialised 10-week programme developed by Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group will help you understand these two types of hunger and provide you with real, meaningful and lifelong strategies you can use to lose weight and maintain that loss at a healthy level.

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Physical Hunger

Physical hunger is the hollow, empty feeling in the stomach when the body needs nutrients to continue functioning at optimal levels. Hunger is normal and natural, and it is necessary for your body to let you know that you need more fuel and energy.

With our programme you will work with a professional able to provide effective and personalised nutritional advice. We will help you learn to choose those foods that provide your body with the healthy nutrients needed for fuel, without turning to high sugar, high carbohydrate and high-fat foods that sabotage your weight loss and maintenance goals.

We will also work with you to switch from thinking about dieting as restricting yourself, to seeing healthy eating as a lifestyle change that is effective, supports your goals and increases your overall health and well-being.

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Emotional Hunger

The other type of hunger that anyone can experience is emotional hunger. Emotional hunger occurs when people eat to satisfy an emotional issue in their lives because food has become linked to feelings of temporary satisfaction. Emotional eating often occurs when you are stressed, anxious, lonely, angry, bored or mentally exhausted and have an overwhelming urge to eat to override those negative emotions.

The result of this type of eating is a feeling of frustration, anger and guilt for the intake of foods, which are often sugary, sweet or high carbohydrate "comfort foods". These feelings are in turn setting up the next cycle of emotional eating, which makes it increasingly difficult to simply stop the habit.

With the Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group programme we provide counselling to address emotional hunger and eating triggers, and to develop healthier and more positive coping mechanisms for when those emotions and triggers are present in your life.

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Our programme is highly motivational, assisting you in the support, education and therapeutic treatment needed to not only lose weight but to learn how to continue to maintain your weight loss, without falling back into old and unhealthy eating patterns.

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