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Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Counselling for addictions, eating disorders & compulsive behaviour
Chelsea & Harley Street, central London

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Professional Commitment & Expertise

Our successful and highly personalised strategies for help in overcoming Addiction

Our Professional Commitment And Qualifications

In psychotherapy and counselling, the work of the professional is not to treat the client in the same way a medical doctor treats a patient. Instead, the therapist works with the client to assist the individual in learning more about themselves and creating the changes in thought that lead to the desired personal growth.

This is a very powerful and personal form of healing. Working with a counsellor or psychotherapist with experience, qualifications and top ethical and professional standards - as well as with the ability to connect with you and ensure you are comfortable during the therapeutic process - will be critical.

These professional standards allow you to open up, go deep into your inner being and determine the obstacles and challenges that are preventing you from achieving the goals and changes you desire.

You will discover more about yourself than you realized was possible, and you will learn successful and highly personalised strategies for overcoming your addiction.

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There are several different facets of expertise in psychotherapy. One is defined by qualifications, but equally important is past experience in working with clients and a personal perspective on addictions and eating disorders. Philippe Jacquet has overcome his own issues with eating disorders and addiction in his teen years, and he is able to understand and have compassion for those struggling with addictions in their lives now.

Mr. Jacquet currently sees patients from his Harley Street and Bermondsey offices, and maintains an office in Marbella, Spain. To accommodate his international patients and professionals who are often traveling, he is on the cutting edge of treatment by integrating therapeutic services using Skype.


Mr. Jacquet's professional educational qualifications include training through the prestigious and internationally recognised Hazelden Foundation, MS studies in Adult Integrative Art Psychotherapy, a Diploma in Counselling for Eating Disorders and training as a Jungian Analyst at the Society of Analytical Psychology and several other diplomas in the treatment of eating disorders, addictions and PTSD.

He is voluntarily accredited through the BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists), HPC (Health Professionals Council) and the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). This provides the professional and ethical standards that guide his practice and work with clients.

His practical experience and qualifications include over 25,000 hours of clinical work with clients, organisational trainings and workshops, lecturing and providing professional development in the areas of addictions and eating disorders for other professionals in the field. Mr. Jacquet has appeared on television, has been featured in prominent publications in the United Kingdom, and is an international speaker and trainer in these areas.


Respect is critical for the client and therapist relationship. At the Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists group the clients are the focus of our treatment. We use a holistic, integrated approach to treatment that puts the client at the centre.

In psychotherapy for addictions and eating disorders the journey to recovery will be difficult. Looking into the darker parts of ourselves can be challenging, and the respect and compassion shown by the psychotherapist to provide the safe space and time to complete this self-examination is critical on the road to healing.

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Highly experienced in working with clients where anonymity, confidentiality and privacy are critical, Philippe Jacquet ensures all ethical standards are maintained to protect client identity.

This is essential for many of the clients Mr. Jacquet works with, and with the bespoke programmes offered concerns with anonymity can be immediately addressed for complete client comfort and confidence in the process.

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