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Understanding High-Risk Thoughts and Behaviours

Unique Treatment Plans to address the Symptoms and Underlying Issues behind Sex Addiction

The Significance Of Sex Addiction

Sex addition is not in itself a diagnosed condition under current classifications of mental health disorders; not because it is not recognised, but because there is a debate among clinicians over how to accurately classify the condition.

All agree that sexual addiction has a behaviour addiction component, including the compulsion to engage in specific behaviours. There is also a psychological component that includes similar changes in brain chemistry to patients with a drug or alcohol addiction.

People with a sex addiction are not just behaving in sexually explicit ways; they have the compulsion to engage in a range of activities related to their addiction. These can include very specific types of behaviours, such as high-risk sexual activities such as having sex in public places, or to engage in potentially unsafe behaviours such as unprotected sex with prostitutes.

Thoughts and Behaviours

Unlike someone with a high sex drive who enjoys sex, a sex addict is compelled to engage in a sexual activity. This often includes engaging in sex or sexual behaviours even when they understand there will be a significant and even life-changing result should they be discovered.

For many sex addicts, thoughts about sex become their entire focus. This will occur even if the person knows they may lose their job, lose their spouse or partner, or even if they realise they are at risk for being arrested or could contract a life-threatening disease.

Not all sex addicts are engaged in physical sexual activities. Some may spend all their time on porn sites on a home computer or even at work, or they may engage in phone sex, voyeurism or - in more extreme cases - in stalking specific targets of their compulsive behaviour.


Sex addiction, like any behavioural compulsion or addiction, does not occur without some cause, but often the cause may be hidden to the individual. Some researchers and clinicians believe that sex addiction is a symptom of a more profound mental health issues such as depression, childhood trauma, bi-polar disorder, anxiety or other mental health conditions.

Treating sex addiction is a very specialised area in the field of psychotherapy and counselling. Philippe Jacquet and the Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group have experience and expertise in assessing the individual and developing a unique treatment plan to address not just the symptom of the sex addiction, but also the underlying mental health conditions that may also be present.

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